Florida Concealed Carry Permit Courses

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Lakeland Location: 4685 East County Rd. 540a, Lakeland FL 33813

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What Does Our Concealed Carry Course Include?


Safe Learning Environment

All our classrooms are ammo-free zones with state-of-the-art training equipment for hands-on learning.

2 Hours Hands-On Learning

Our CCW Class lasts approximately 2 hours and include hands-on firearm safety and concealed carry basics.

Smaller Class Sizes

Our classes have a set max number of attendees to ensure a safer, more controlled educational environment – one where you can actually learn!

Professional Instruction

Our instructors are state certified professionals, well-versed in teaching students of any age how to defend themselves with and without firearms.

Live-Fire Requirement

We offer real hands-on firearm experience for this state-mandated live-fire requirement.

Online Training Materials

All our training and course materials are available FREE online, anytime you need a quick refresher! Check out our online course materials HERE.

Concealed Carry Course FAQ’s

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Who's the Concealed Carry Course for?
Whether you’re new to firearms or been around them your whole life, Florida state statutes require anyone wishing to conceal carry a firearm in the state of Florida to take a concealed carry course led by approved instructors, like those at the National Institute of Firearms.
How long is the Conceal Carry Class?
Conceal Carry Classes take roughly 2-hours to complete. Classes are objective-based which means that the instruction can move quicker or slower based on the needs of the students.
Is the course safe?
Absolutely! Our classrooms are always ammo-free zones to protect all our students during this time of learning. Any live-fire requirements are met in a safe learning environment with controlled accessibility and state-of-the-art training equipment.
What does this Concealed Carry Course cover?
We’ll cover everything from firearm basics, getting you familiar with the parts and pieces of a pistol, plus how to safely handle a one with hands-on instruction using real training firearms in an ammo-free zone.
What does the FL CCW Course cost?
Pricing for the concealed carry course is just $49.99 per person and includes everything you need – no additional equipment or range-fees needed!
Can I bring a firearm to the class?
Our classrooms are ammo-free zones. We request you please leave any firearms and ammunition in a safe place outside our classrooms.
What Do I need to bring to class?
We’ll supply everything you need for the class. You just need to bring a form of picture ID (drivers license or government identification card for example) to the class with you. If you have personal protective gear like eye or ear protection you are allowed to bring it with you. Our course materials are all available online along with instructions on what to do after you’ve completed the course as well.
What do I need to do to actually get my Florida CCW?
Once you’ve taken and passed our course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion which you’ll use along with a picture ID to secure your permit from the state. Additional Info about how to apply for your Florida CCW can be found HERE.