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Now Offering Online Concealed Carry Classes!

The National Institute of Firearms offers all types of Firearm and Self Defense Training from Concealed Carry Classes (CCW), to Basic Self Defense Courses, to NRA Approved Firearms Training.

Exercise your second amendment liberty with confidence in your legal rights as well as your ability to handle yourself AND your firearm with our Concealed Carry Classes, today! Now available in Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa Florida.

No 3-Day Waiting Period

Did you know that there’s no waiting period on most Florida firearm purchases if you’re a Concealed Carry Permit Holder in the state of Florida? That’s right! And if you don’t have yours yet, you can sign up right here!

36-State Reciprocity

Did you know that Concealed Carry Permits for the state of Florida are honored in 36 other states? For more info about which states are included and additional information, visit our Reciprocity Map here!

Know Your Rights!

Are you looking to defend yourself and your loved ones when you’re away from the home. With our Concealed Carry Class you’ll be armed with knowledge about your rights to do just that!

Did You Know?

Did you know you don’t have to have any equipment to participate in our safety courses? We’ve got you covered with state of the art training equipment and a totally safe learning environment!

2-Hour Concealed Carry Courses Now Available in Central Florida - Lakeland And Orlando!

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