Concealed Carry Prohibited Places List

Florida and Federal Locations

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Concealed Carry Weapon – Prohibited Places

Florida and Federal Locations

State of Florida – Prohibited Locations

  • Pharmacies (FL Stat. 790.145)
  • The following places that are intended to be a nuisance:
    • Gang-related areas/hangouts
    • Prostitution spots
    • Massage parlors violating the law (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Police, sheriff, or highway patrol stations (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Detention facilities, prisons, or jails (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Courthouses (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Courtrooms (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Polling places (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Any meeting of a governing body of counties, public school districts, municipalities, or special districts (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Any meeting of the Legislature or a committee (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • School, college, or professional athletic events not related to firearms (FL Stat. 790.06[12]/790.115)
  • Elementary schools, secondary school facilities, or administration buildings (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Career centers (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Establishments licensed, and their primary purpose is, to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • NOTE: You can carry a concealed weapon in a restaurant
  • Any college or university facility (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • The inside of the passenger terminals and sterile areas of any airport (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • NOTE: Encased firearms, in undercarriage luggage, are permitted
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal law (FL Stat. 790.06[12])
  • Hospitals (FL Stat. 394.458)
  • Savannas Preserve State Park (FL Stat. 258.157)

Federal – Prohibited Locations

  • School zones (Gun Free School Zones Act [1990])
  • Any facility owned or leased by the Federal Government
    • Federal courthouses
    • Federal offices/buildings
    • Federal prisons (18 US Code 930)
  • Any facility of the US Army Corp of Engineers (36 CFR 327.13)
  • Any property controlled by the VA (38 CFR 1.218)
  • National Cemeteries (38 CFR 1.218/32 CFR 553.33)
  • Military bases (Regulation 90-114)
  • Post Office (Supreme Court Decision)

Updated 6/5/18

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